Dr. Giovanni Cavalli | MASTER COURSE / Simplification, predictability and aesthetics in conservative and prosthetics. ‘For a sustainable clinical excellence'

Opatija, 12.-14.9.2019., 10.-12.10.2019., 14.-16.11.2019.

MASTER COURSE / Dr. Giovanni Cavalli

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The course is aimed at all dentists who wish to acquire a rigorous restorative method, well coded and repeatable in the daily practice of their own studio. The course is addressed to all those who want to deepen or revise the basic concepts and new possibilities of direct and indirect restoration. The goal of this path is to arrive at the traditional fixed prosthesis with a rich baggage focused on the conservation of the tooth, together with the knowledge of all the possibilities that the adhesion has opened and allows today.

Teme tečaja:

  • Stratification and color
  • Limits and possibilities of direct restoration
  • Veneers
  • Inlays / Onlays in the posterior sectors
  • Adhesion technique and cements
  • New prosthesis materials
  • Shoulder preparation
  • Knife- edge preparation - BOPT
  • Post - endo restoration
  • Impression techniques and materials
  • Preparation of bridge
  • Temporary crown
  • Fibers - direct bridge
  • Occlusal increases - VDI
  • Which occlusion?

Praktični dio:

  • Cementation of a fiber post on extracted or resin teeth 
  • Discussion of treatment plans Excercise with the camera, settings
  • Preparation of inlays/onlays on resin teeth | cementation inlays / overlays on resin teeth
  • Total coronal preparations of anterior and posterior elements (on resin teeth) with knife-edge technique preparation (BOPT)
  • Preparation of a bridge on resin teeth

Master Course tečaj traje 9 dana, a održava se u 3 turnusa.

1-2-3 day |  Opatija, 12.-14.9.2019
Treatment plan, adhesion, cements, new prosthetic materials and post-endo restoration

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan in fixed prosthesis 
  • Recovery of the tooth vs. replacement; advanced recovery strategies
  • Photography in restorative dentistry
  • Update on adhesive technique (how to achieve state-of-the-art adhesion without difficulty)
  • Update on prosthetic materials (metals, composites, fibers, disilicates, zirconia)
  • Update on cements and cementation techniques (Safe and reliable cementation of current materials)
  • Endodontically - treated tooth restoration

4-5-6 day | Opatija, 10.-12.10.2019
From direct restoration to indirect restoration with partial covering  in the posterior and  anterior sectors

  • Selection criteria in the restoration of the posterior sectors. Limits and possibilities of direct techniques.
  • The cavity in the posterior sectors in relation to dental loss.
  • Partial coronal preparations in the posterior sectors; inlays onlays in resin or disilicate.
  • Build-up , preparation, impression, color pick-up, timing, check, cementation and finishing
  • The anterior aesthetic problem: criteria for choosing between direct and indirect techniques
  • Aesthetic analysis of the smile
  • Veneers: preparation, impression, color pick-up, timing, check, cementation and finishing

7-8-9 day | Opatija, 14.-16.11.2019
Total aestetic coronal preparation on natural teeth (single elements and bridges)

  • Types of preparation 90 ° shoulder, choulder and bevel, chamfer, no-flap knife-edge - BOPT - or open flap knife-edge)
  • Impression materials, impression techniques, laboratory phases
  • Color communication and individualization
  • Resin temporary crown or bridge: direct or indirect, before preparation, relining, aesthetic optimization, cementation and    maintenance
  • Occlusal problem: transfer of information to laboratory ; which occlusion?
  • The VDI vertical dimension occlusal increase: how to orientate. Practical indications 
  • Maryland bridge
  • Direct-fiber bridge
  • Maintenance and follow-up

Dr. Giovanni Cavalli

Graduated in medicine and surgery in 1985, he practices as a freelance dentist in Brescia. Active member of the Italian Academy of conservative Dentistry (AIC) since 1989, member of the 2015-17 Cultural Commission. Active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics sice 1991, of which he was vice-president in 2013-15 council and member of the Active Member Acceptance Commitee from 2010 to 2012. He has published articles on endodontic, conservative and prosthetic topics in national and international journals. Autor of book chapters, including the one by the Italian Academy of Conservative Dentistry, ‘restorative Dentistry’, Elsevier Masson, 2009, translated into English and Spanish; co-author of the book ‘Adhesive restoration of endodontically-treated teeth’, F. Mannocci, G. Cavalli, M, Gagliani, Quintessence International 2007, translated into Dutch, Polish and German.Referee for International Endodntic Journal since 2015.Speaker in countless courses, conferences abd seminars in Italy and abroad. For several years he has been specifically involved in training in the field of conservative and prosthetics.



Tečaj se održava u Opatiji u 3 turnusa od kojih svaki traje 3 dana. 
Polaznici se mogu prijaviti isključivo na cijeli Master Course program.  
Mjesto i vrijeme: Opatija, 1.turnus: 12.-14.9.2019., 2.turnus: 10.-12.10.2019, 3.turnus: 14.-16.11.2019.
Broj polaznika: max. 25 doktora
Cijena: 24.900 kn+25% pdv – cijena s PDV-om 31.125 kn
U cijenu je uključeno: 9 dana tečaja sa teorijskim i praktičnim dijelom, radni pribor, edukacijski materijal, cerftifikat, kave i brunch u stankama.
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