Zagreb, 13.3.2018.


Osnovne informacije o tečaju: 

Teorijski i praktični tečaj iz endodoncije:  Debridement of root canal by 2 Shape, One curve and Endoultra
Predavač: Dr. Riccardo Tonini
Mjesto i vrijeme održavanja: Zagreb, Forum centar - 13.3.2018., 9:00-13:00
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O tečaju: 

Before all, to understand better Endodontics, we should start with WHY because it represents the game changer in cleaning and shaping root canal system.


Why use ultrasonic activation of irrigants? Why a good irrigation protocol can make the difference? Why shape root canal system with rotary files? Why we need new alloys and their heat treatments? Why 2 files are enough instead of more? Why glyde path is suggested? Why should I be stressed out before starting a Root canal Treatment? Only if you know Why in Endodontics you will figure out the How and the What to reach a successful root canal treatment.


Successful endodontic therapy relies on the complete disinfection of root canal systems and three-dimensional filling of those shaped systems with guttapercha. By definition, cleaning and shaping means the complete removal ofall organic substrates from the root canal system. Cleaning involves the removal of all organic debris which could serve as a substrate for bacterial growth or a source of periapical inflammation that can lead to a failure of RCT. Shaping using step down technique is the development of a unique and logical form for each root canal which relates to the shape, length, position, and curvature of each individual root and canal for the reception of a permanent root canal obturation with guttapercha.


Succesfull RCT is accomplished by high tech instruments with a specific design and alloy, supported also by an ultrasonic activation of irrigating solutions for a complete disinfection. 2 Shape, a new system with T-wire treatment, One G a single file for Glide Path and Endoultra, a new dedicateddevice for disinfection, are the gold standard for reaching success with a method that is always safe and repeatable over time.

What I learn:

Basic rules in Endodontics
Step Down Technique
One G for Glide Path
2 Shape features and sequence
Irrigants of election
Final rinse protocol
Endoultra for US disinfection

What I see: 

more than 250 slides with clinical cases, videos, tips and flowcharts

What I do:

RCT on MM tooth
Hands on 2shape, One G and Endoultra

O predavaču: 

Dr. Riccardo Tonini graduated in 2004 at University of Studies Brescia, in 2007 holds a Master of second level in Endodontics at University of Verona. He is Active member of Italian Society of Endodontics and active member of Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry.He works as Endodontist in Brescia. He plans and follows researches for Dental University of Brescia. He patented in 2005 the ProTrain (Endodontic System for Training) and right now develops new products and technologies for companies. Recently he has started a partnership with AlmaPlasma,an Engineering group in Bologna.

Cijena tečaja:

700 kn + PDV
U cijenu tečaja su uz predavanje uključeni radni materijali i korištenje originalnih komponenata, instrumenata i preparata, kava i diploma organizatora skupa.